Sword Plumbing Company

2510 Tangley Houston, Texas

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In the fall of 1974, we started our first residential remodeling job. Residential remodeling was starting to take off in the Bellaire, West University Place, River Oaks and Southwest area of Houston where we are located. So, we focused on that phase of plumbing along with service. As the economy began to grow in the early 80's, we took on commercial work along with the residential. We installed plumbing for dozens of restaurants, along with medical and dental offices, veterinary clinics and a number of strip shopping centers.

We have always had the philosophy that if we represent ourselves as a plumbing company we should do all phases of plumbing installations. This philosophy got us through the tough times of the mid 1980's and gave our long term Journeymen plumbers a wide variety of experience.

We have pared down since those expansion heydays of the early 80's in an effort to keep a more hands-on operation. Sword Plumbing Company has carved a niche for itself with our reputation for quality work.We currently focus on residential service and water filteration.